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I am using orchestrator queue to add the data that i downloaded from mail and accordingly I have to save it in orchestrator queue, and then using RE framework accordingly process the further processes.
The above process is happening on a daily basis and just adds the data in the same queue daily, so for example I have few queue items from yesterday which were not processed and there status is not successful so I want my bot to work in a way that firstly it will process those not succesfull queue items a day before and then when all those are processed then it will download new data for today and then again process them but in the same queue

So had an issue that how will my bot be able to recognize the status which is not succesful in queue and then start working on those queue items and not process on succesful one in RE Framework

Well I think u are talking about the queue items which are failed to process like whose status is failed ?

Is it right?

Hi @ashish_negi

There are a few different ways you could tackle this. I recommend you read the following two documents:

  1. Studio Activities Used with Queues
  2. Managing Queues in Studio
    2.1 Specifically read about this: Adding a Custom Progress

In the scenario you described, I think this feature will really help. You could set an intermediate progress such as “TriedYesterday”.

  • Process queue items with progress status “TriedYesterday”.
  • Ideally, since queue items will be automatically tried in the order they were created (assuming their priority and other factors are same, not postponed, etc)
  • When the first queue item without the progress tag is encountered, download the new data.
  • Continue processing remaining items.

Hi @ashish_negi,

Do check this thread: Update Transaction Item while In Progress - Feedback / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

I think you are looking to achieve the same. I have not see this implemented anywhere else in REFramework.

REFramework is only a starting point, it does need some TLC depending on the process / project.

Current solution:
Is to use a State Machine within the Process.xaml file and use the Set Transaction Progress activity on the in_TransactionItem. You can read more about the solution in the link I shared above.

Hope this helps you and others.

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