Orchestrator - Schedule job to process same queue on daily basis


I have a workflow designed in RE Framework. It has to run at scheduled time on daily basis which uses the Queue items and processes.

First time, It processes the queue items and updates queue items status to successful after successful process completion.

Next time when I run the same workflow, it is not processing the queue items as the queue item status during first run changed to Successful and Get transaction data within RE framework saying no new transaction to process.

How to run the same process in this situation?



Again you have to run other process to add Queue items to Orchestrator and then run this process to processing each item in the queue.

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Hi @Muralia311,
you can dispatcher and process concept.
Dispatcher :-

  • Create a workflow which uploads data to the queues. if you only same data for every day its fine you can upload it to queues as for every queue item added its status will be in new state.
  • here in this work flow you can do the execution of the queue item

So, you have to create to bots dispatcher and performer and has to run dispatcher bot first to load queue items and then preformer to execute the code.

I do have a question for you? why do you need to use same data every time because in queues if a tranaction status is set to success then its is done you cannot make any changes to it.

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Thank you, Dear Lakshman and Vish.

Yes. I have two robots, one dispatcher and one performer.

Reason to process same queue item daily is…

  1. I have list of employees… which does not change frequently.
  2. As part of process, I’m calculating individual time sheets, by checking employee status whether active or not… using reference in Get transaction item.
  3. This employees list will not change frequently
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Hi @Muralia311,
I understand your requirement and do have a better solution but little bit complicated. Instead of getting “queueitems” one by one by using “Get Transaction Item” Activity as all of them will be in success state after first execution you can use “Get Queue Items” Activity with a filter of “QueueItemState” to “New” and “Successful” and then use the count of it keep additional filter of Active or Not and do the business logic as you are doing with datatable by using index. @Muralia311 please click on solution button if you found this helpful.

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