REFramework change queue item status from InProgress to New

I’m trying to understand how to change at the end of my process statement the queue status from Successful to New based on which day is today.
For example if I take queue item with column day of the week Monday, the robot shouldn’t process the queue item and move it to New again. Because depends on which day it is. I’m letting different queue items to be processed.
I see that set transaction status xaml file have only Successful or Failed status?
How to make the New status?
At least which activity contain the setting for selecting different status from Successful or Failed?

Thanks in advance!

@Veselin_Ganchev You can use Postpone transaction item activity to postpone the item to the day for which you want to process the item. This activity change the queue status from status (InProgress, failed, successful) into New status.

Please let me know if this works for you. Thanks !!