Random Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions

I had this automation working, in which the robot opens an internet explorer “Save as” dialog, clicks a dropdown, clicks “Save as” and now it randomly generates the error “Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions”.

This is pissing me off… I had it working several times, now out of nowhere it breaks? I wasn’t even making changes to this part of the code, I was changing ahead of this error.

@Testing360, Launch Workflow Interactive activity does it for you

Desktop-has-been-disconnected-while-performing-ui-action - #2 by Dominic

Dom :slight_smile:

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This does not work. It still happens… :expressionless:

What about this one?

In my case, there is no remote desktop. I am executing the automation on my development laptop. But maybe the fact that I am logged in is related with it. However, if my computer is on lock screen, the automation will not execute.

Same problem, im not using nay remote desktop, But still the error is cumming

HI were you able to solve this issue?