Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine

I am facing this error while running the process.
Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine

have a look on this thread.

Hi @Aastha_Singh
Kindly check your Path properties of the python scope.
It should be the location of python installed on your machine.

Kindly have look at the python activity process in this thread

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Provided path are correct.
The execution of process running perfectly 4 to 5 times, But Now currently I am facing this Issue.

Try the path like as below


Hello @Aastha_Singh

Can you please check whether any python update has happened? Also please check the below video.


Try this Envinomental dynamic path


And are you using the python 3.9 version?

I am using the python 3.6.2 version.

Are you using windows or Linux

If windows leave the library path as empty.

Above Version 3.9 or Linux only need to Give the library path

I am using windows.

Kindly check your Path, It starts with “(” kindly remove it and try again


Look above dynamic path, after \AppData\ correct the path for your machine

Also check your working Folder

Working folder must be your project location.


yes, working folder is in the project folder location.

If possible kindly send the path of the Working and app folder that you feed in the Python scope.
Also try this

  1. Check if your python is Updated or not
  2. Also check if your python is X86.
  3. Check whether Python is working or not? Open CMD-> Type “python” and enter

Path :

working folder:

Try this


Like this:


Kindly check the directory in your user’s local path and vefify the python folder

I am facing same error after set the environment variable & give the path location.