UIPath & Python execution error

Hi Team,

I have integrated Python scope in UiPath, after that, when I try to run the flow the flow is stopped during Python scope activity execution. I have neither thrown an error also.
Please advise on this.


please check below link,

Activities - Python Scope (uipath.com)

For Windows projects, the Python Scope activity requires you to install the .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17

Hi @neha.upase
I have installed .net as you said, after trying to run the flow getting below error.
Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine

In Python Scope Activity, go to Properties → Input Section → Set “Target” field to x64 .
and restart system.

and check below post for library path
Unable to run Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine 64 bit - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

I tried restarting system and set the library path as well but still getting same issue

Hi Team,

Am working on this priority, If anyone has any ideas kindly share.

Here, in our organization, we don’t have access to C drive, but still use the input parameters from C drive. Is that an issue for the below error ?

“Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine”

Appreciate your response.

Hi @ydhanabalan

Use Path Like This


Target: x64

Version: Auto

For Me this worked because i was using 1.6.0 Python Activities. With Python 3.6.8. Also Update package to latest version which supports latest python version

Check this also

Hope this helps

Hi @AJ_Ask
Please check below settings which I have set.

And also installed latest version of Python in UiPath.

Note: Am uisng 3.13 version python .exe file.

Still am facing same Error Initializing Python Engine issue. Please help

Hi @ydhanabalan
Looks correct. Can you check @marian.platonov Not getting what we are missing!

sure, thank you…
@marian.platonov Could you please help me out here ?

Hi @ydhanabalan

Try downgrading the python version to 3.10 or 3.11.
I think they have a problem with 3.13 as it’s the latest one.

sure @AJ_Ask , will try that version and update

Reference: Activities - About the Python Activities Package

UiPath.Python.Activities.1.7.1 package is now compatible with Python version 3.11.

For Windows projects, the Python Scope activity requires you to install the .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17 .


thanks, version3.13 is the problem, tried with 3.10.11 version. that worked.
thanks all

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