Integrating Python script for Encrypt and Decrypt

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I would like to present this tutorial who are looking for Encrypt and Decrypt in Python.

Refer the thread to install Python : Python installation and Pip Installation

Following steps that need to Encrypt and Decrypt

  1. Install “Uipath.Pyton.Activities”


  1. Python Process always work Within in Python scope.

  2. Drag and drop the “Python Scope”
    3.1. Python Scope Property → Input>Path- Need to provide the installation path of Python application.
    3.2. Target → Enter the Bit downloaded X64 or X86
    3.3. Version → Choose the Python version in Drop down box
    3.4 Working Folder → Project Location


  1. Drag and drop the “Load script” Activity, In which give the path with file name to read the Script. And provide Output Variable to store

  1. Invoke python method Activity
    5.1. Input parameter: {Input parameter}- to pass the value to the script.
    5.2. Instance : Enter Output of “Load Script”
    5.3. Name: Enter the name of method as a string
    5.4. Result: Enter the variable name to get the Output

  1. Drag and Drop the “Python Object”
    6.1. Input: Output from Invoke python method
    6.2. TypeArguement: Select the Variable type from Drop down box(Boolean, int32, String etc…)
    6.3. Result: Output of the Python Object. Variable type is based on Type Argument.

For Reference

Encrypty & (34.8 KB)


For questions on your retrieval case open a new topic and get individual support


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How can I take multiple input parameters which are stored as variable in UiPath?