Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


Hi i found this error
Add queue item : Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started
i have to publish this xaml file? and i have to create a Robot in orchestrator ?


Have you setup your Orchestartor ?
Have you Gone through the Orchestrator training and completed all the required steps to create and setup a robot?


Yeah, as i am learning in company itself, here in Ui-robot>>Settings everytime it is asking admin credentials and difficult to get those output from here. So i just got stuck to manage robots


As i have one more doubt like
for example:
i have created one excel reading workflow and one more is Notepad workflow…both are in different folders.

ABC folder>> excel.xaml >> published this
XYZ folder>> Notepad.xaml >> published this

now is this possible to create only one Robot to work on both applications at a time?

or i have to create two different robots?
If i create two different robots say Robo1 and Robo2 how to assign those above task to them ?


Then this is an issue. As you will not be able to publish any workflow to your Orchestrator or altogether connect to it.

for 2nd question
Folders do not matter. Once your publish your project it is deployed to your Orchestrator environment which is connected with one or many bots. You can then execute your processes once deployed.


I suggest you close this thread marking the answer that solved your initial query.
We are going off-topic and this will just be a problem if anyone else has a similar issue refers this topic later :slight_smile:


Yeah sure…i have one more issue:



your login credentials for your robot is incorrect. can you check if its the same as your windows login credentials.?


Yeah its working with login credentials.Thank you :slight_smile:
Now i am running the Dispatcher but getting error as :
uidemo execution started
Add queue item : does not exist. Error code: 1002
uidemo execution ended in: 00:00:01
Exception : OrchestratorHttpException


Is your queue name correctly passed/set?


May be,
In Add Queue Item
Parameter>>Input >>
QueueName: QueueName as String

In Orchestrator created new Queue in the same name as QueueName
Unique Reference - No
Retry Status- Yes


can you show me your Add Queue Item activity properties?



also your orchestrator queue sreenshot :slight_smile:



perfect! I am not sure if you have already made out the issue looking at the screenshots.
If you havent yet:

Then what you have created in your Studio is just a variable with the same name and not actually given it a value ‘QueueName’

So, here in default column box add “QueueName” and run again and it will work.

Also a suggestion, QueueName is not actually a correct thing to use as a name. You should give it a meaningful name. The variable name QueueName is fine. :slight_smile:


Yeah it is working fine thank you. But taking more time to execte, at the end all data has been added to inside the Queue Variable.

Is the same thing i need to follow for Performer?



and the highlighted file which i have executed right now.
In the same folder i need to create Performer and Uidemo or should i change them too? this one consist complete ReFramework @nadim.warsi


Great! Yes it will move your items to the queue. You can verify the count of element that are moved is same as the actual element that need to be added.

Im not sure if i get the context of this question.
If its regarding the queue then yes, you have to use the same queue in Performer.
If its about automation then you need to follow the PDD pdf file provided :slight_smile:


It will be a new framework.