Where to start the assignment 2 solution from? I am completely lost


I started working on the assignment 2 of advanced training but I am completely lost. The walkthrough does not exactly tell where to begin from and where to end.

Do I have to use recorder? Which one?
Should I start with Orchestrator? How?
Does the REFramework folder from uiptah github page contains all the files needed to run the workflow? Is the REFramework template complete in itself or do we need to add something to it?

How to run the whole thing built in REFramework workflow?

I am completely confused. Need a more detailed step by step walkthrough for assignment 2.

Please help me.


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if you finished assignment 1, then you should have enough idea about assignment 2.

you need to take Reframework template create two seperate workflows

  1. Dispatcher (use new Reframework template )
    2)Performer ( use new Reframework template )


@5a3kh4n You will have to create two projects in RE Framework here if you go through PDD file provided you will get to know everything.

  1. First Project would be Dispatcher which would scrape Wi4 Items and add to the queue in the orchstrator

  2. Second project would be Performer which would pick items from the Orchestrator queue and process them in ACME application


Ok, do i need to login to orchestrator to insert the items in the queues or it gets populated automatically through dispatcher?

I am using google chrome. Will it work to open ACME System 1 login page?

Why not, it will work on almost all the known browsers

your robot should be connected with orchestrator, if not done you can add it so Queue items are uploaded to orchestrator and in Performer you can execute them

Reframework is designed to work with orchestrator, so you dont need to do much.
just follow the Walkthrough and let us know if any issues…


Ok, let me comprehend what I understood so far.

  1. After designing/customizing the Dispatcher workflow, I should run it with the green play button, right?
    This will add items from the work items for WI 4 to the Orchestrator queues.

  2. Then I should open demo.uipath.com and verify whether or not the queue have been created with the correct work items.

  3. Run Performer workflow after designing/customizing the template to fetch the work items and populate in ACME System 1.

  4. How to get monthly report and then merge all the months report for 2017/2018 into a single yearly report and then upload it?

  5. Also, I suppose all of this should be done by the performer robots.

  6. Now, lets say we have tax ID ROXXXXXX DEXXXXXX ITXXXXXX RUXXXXXX, while uploading the solution zip tfor evaluation which upload ID should I use. for ROXXXXXX or DEXXXXXX or ITXXXXXX or RUXXXXXX.

Please help. I am getting confused.

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Can you please tell me which upload ID out of ROXXXXXX, ITXXXXXX, DEXXXXXX, and RUXXXXXX should I use in comment section while uploading the solution to uipath.

i dont understand you, why do you want upload id for uploading solution to uipath…?

Its mentioned in the assigment.

Status - completed
Yearly report - Yearly-report-2017-ROXXXXXX.xlsx
Name -
Comment - << I must enter upload ID>> this is where I am confused. Which upload ID do I need to pick

I guess you dint read the PDD and walkthrough prop, once your yearly report is generated you need to upload the yearly report in Reports menu ( Upload yearly report option )


you will get unique id for every taxid you upload, that you need to put it in WI4 respective worktem(Just like you did in 1 assignment, Hashcode).


I am talking about final submission page. when uploading the zip file what comment should i put in?

you dont need to put anything there, thats optional :grinning:


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Now, I got the answer. Thanks! Let me try this tonight and see if all of it works.