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Hi everyone,

I’m at level 3 on UiAcademy, but I didn’t understand where should i start the first project.

Will I use that two workflows (Dispatcher and Performer) in some of a REFramework? Or is there something else?

Is there anyone who can help me with where to start?


You should create two project files , one for dispatcher and other for performer.
You should use ReFramework in both the cases

So am i have to create this two project inside this “Project Transaction” sequence?

You should create Robotic Enterprise framework project in Uipath for both dispatcher and performer
We are just making the project files different by naming as Dispatcher and performer
In Dispatcher we will move the data to be processed to Queue
In Performer we will access the data from Queue and perform the process

Got it. we need to create separate frameworks for both workers.

But i don’t understand where should i create Dispatcher ? inside this “Project Transaction” sequence?

Dispather is just a name given to that project file
In the project named Dispatcher, we will be adding the data to the queue
It is “Process Trasaction” not Project Transaction
we will be using all the states in Reframework

hi @mazlumkacar
you should create two different workflows, both of them should be created with Robotic Enterprise framework project, because the first (Dispatcher) does the first part of the assignment, and the second(Performer) does the second part, that why there are two separated workflows, but both do the same project

Thanks a lot @fernando_zuluaga and @Vineethkumar :slight_smile:

But i just don’t understand: in which transaction(or process) of this framework I should place the workflows I created.

hi @mazlumkacar
you have to learn Reframework first
In that four states we need to do some particular process
It is already shown as annotations
You need to create seperate workflows for login, data scraping and the other workflows for the repetitive process
login and data scraping you can do it in Initialization state
All the other repetitive process in Process Transaction state
Closing the application in end process state

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How should I mount the exercise so that it correctly takes the evaluation criteria, since each time I upload it, it gives me a mesh note, but it is working correctly for me?

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