Robotic Enterprise Framework - Dispatcher/Performer

Hi People,

Can someone please explain me Framework in terms of the exercise given in Advance Training for Dispatcher/Performer.
It is very confusing. I know it is very difficult to explain here as I may have lots of questions. Is it possible if someone can share the project here and I can probably ask questions based on that for my doubts.
Please someone help me.

Anshul Agarwal


To start you can refer to the document which is available when you create new project in Re framework, and then if any doubt regarding anything then you can ask again.
Let me know if any doubts…


Hi Sakshi,

In the document when it says

  • Let’s create a new sequence and name it Dispatcher – UploadQueue.
    (I am assuming after we create the new framework , I have to click on New button on the top left to create the sequence for Dispatcher. Is this correct?)
  • I am not sure where are we suppose to create the Performer. As per the document
    The next step is to initialize the process.
    o First, we need to log in to UiDemo before being able to perform repetitive
    o We should always think in terms of reusable components - the process of logging
    in definitely falls under that category. A good practice is to group all the xaml files
    in folders according to the application names.
    o Let’s create a UiDemo subfolder in the root folder.
    o Next, create a new sequence in Studio and name it UiDemo_Login.xaml.
    o Move the file in the UiDemo folder.

Where are we creating xaml file and then where are we creating the subfolder. Sorry for asking these silly questions but it is very confusing for me.

Anshul Agarwal

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so… here when they ask you to create a new seq it means yes you have to create a new seq and then you can use Invoke workflow file to link that with your project.

Regarding folder and subfolder , you create it inside your project folder only . Easy to track.

Create new seq for login and then invoke it inside your init state.

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Is it that Dispatcher and Performer are two different REF files created?

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Ok. I have created the Dispatcher process and I ran the flow as well and it seems to be working fine.
Here is how the project looks in studio

Also, below is the screenshot of Orchestrator

Hope I am doing fine till now.
As per you now I am going to create a complete new REF with the name Performer. Please note earlier I created a REF with the name “UiPath_REFrameWork_UiDemo” and in that i created the sequence Dispatcher. Please let me know if I have to do something for performer on the same lines?

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Hey, I was able to create Performer flow as well but when I am running the main it does not do anything nor it throws any error. Not sure whats wrong…please help

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Error when I just tried to run the initallapplications.xaml


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Can u share your workflow?

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Anshul, You can follow below link also

hope this will help you !!
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I am attaching both the workflows (581.1 KB) (501.1 KB)

can someone please help here? I have posted the dispatcher and Performer process and the error message that I am getting

Hi anshulagarwal please edit your Config.xlsx file is the Data folder and create another folder named System1 where all you work flows that you are going to create in ACME must be inside that folder refer from the Walkthrough or PDD document.

If you got the solution. Please share with me.
I have a question if I create two different RE framework for dispatcher and performer then where i have to invoke both?
Or i have to manage the scheduler from orchestrator to run the dispatcher and performer?
Please guide me on this.