Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


Hi , from today i need to work on Assignment 1 in level 3, i just have a confusion that how to start? whether i need to run a loop on all 15 items or we have to upload one by one on each item.?

will it be mandatory to upload youtube video or is there any options?

please help me. Thank you


You need to get all data first, then each WID is treated as a loop/transaction

So onc eyou have collected the data you need to work on, you take one WID, generate hashcode for it go to its details page and update the comment with hascode

repeat for all Work items meeting the critera from the data you collected in first step

No you can upload file as well , video is not a requirement


Hi @manju1992

You need to use REFramework for the assignment so need not to worry about looping. Framework itself will perform operations on one item at a time

Also you can either upload ZIP file of your project or video for the evaluation.



Thank you.

One more thing, as they have mentioned for uidemo:
The best approach is to use Orchestrator Queues . Let us create two automation projects. Let’s name them Dispatcher and Performer
Where to create these? and is this specific name we should use?


This first assignment is for learning purpose which will help you pass Assignment1 and Assignment2.

You will have to create two REFramework projects

  1. As Dispatcher - It will pick the items and add them to Orchestrator queue
  2. As performer - this will pick the items one by one from Queue and perform further operations



create two automation projects - create them in you studio one by one. Goto Start and select Robotic Enterprise Framework. Name the first one Dispatcher and once you have finished with it create another one and name it Performer
Orchestrator Queues- this is created in the Orchestrator. And you may have already gone through the Orchestrator training by now to be aware of it.


In Start i have only 4 options :
Simple Process
Agent process improvement.
Transactional Business process

i couldn’t find Robotic Enterprise framework as u mentioned above



Here they have mentioned to use Transactions.xlsx file in read range activity,
but this file is not exist in my REframefork-master folder.


for REF


this is what i have


why dont you download it from git: here :point_right:


from here i can download template only right? but in order to create dispatcher and performer i have to follow those steps which you have described before : go to start>>Robotic Enterprise framework


You are at a old version of studio which does not have that option.
what link i gave you will give you the Reframework project as a zip which you can unzip and then open with the Studio. You can rename it to Dispatcher.
See this link on how to:

You can repeat the same for Performer.

Once you do the above you will have 2 blank projects. As per the PDD you can follow the steps and build your automation.

You can ignore the previous reply.



so i need to rename this main.xaml to dispatcher.xaml and performer.xaml ?


any update to this?


Do not rename your Main.xaml.
You can rename the folder and inside the project.json file edit the name.


The Transaction.xlsx comes as part training download.
If you dont have it. here you go.Transactions.xlsx (10.6 KB)
Please place it in Data\Input path.


thanks for the excel sheet.


Sorry i couldn’t get this .
Rename folder : REFramework-master to Dispatcher or Performer
inside project.json file we have these fields:

“description”: “UiPath_REFrameWork Template”,
“version”: “2016.2.6274.33252”,
“main”: “Main.xaml”,
“id”: “UiPath_REFrameWork”,
“dependencies”: {},
“configurationOptions”: {},
“excludedData”: [

dont have any name field in this


Do one thing. Just rename your folder. and begin with your project build.