How to upload assignment 3 in level 3?

I build the dispatcher and performer bots separately. Then zip together and upload it for evaluation but every time it fails. I don’t know why. Are there any issues in it or something?

Make sure below things when you uploading it.

  1. Don’t reset ACME data before uploading zip file for Evaluation.

  2. Use same credential for both ACME and Academy.

  3. Don’t hardcode any values in your process and Store credentials in either Orchestrator Assets or Windows Credential manager.

  4. Don’t use any external file references and make sure you zip all related files and upload it.

  5. Finally after uploading excel file for particular vendor and it will generate one ID right. Make sure no spaces before and after. use Trim function.

  6. Next time before uploading it and record video of your process running and uploading it along with the Zip file and it will helpful also.

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Thanks for your illustration.

I do everything except 6th step.

I face one issue when I run the robot it gets “Get Transaction Item: The operation has timed out.” issue due to connection lost to the server I guess.

Due to this it works perfectly 3-4 records but after that it lost connection and gives above error.


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Today there is some issues with Orchestrator and UiPath team working on this. Could you please try after some time. Make sure you record the video of your process running.

If you don’t mind then please share the video with me and will check once.

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Sure I will share with you soon.