Level 3 - Advanced Training - Lesson 1 UiDemo walkthrough getting started


I agree with this post Level 3 - Advanced Training - UiDemo walkthrough that the document is difficult to follow using the REFramework template. The framework video is ok, but I’m not able to connect the dots yet on why it is useful.

I’m a newbie trying to pass the certification and the REFramework template is overwhelming, can someone help me get started on page 2?

  • I’ve renamed the template and edited the .json file. Should there be 2 project files named Dispatcher and Performer here? Do I rename Main.xaml to Dispatcher.xaml?

  • To create the new sequence and name it Dispatcher - UploadQueue where would it go in the template?

Hi @joesparty

Eventually I found the easiest was to click the “START” tab in studio and select the Robotics Enterprise Framework and then save the project in the UiPath directory.

The result is a standard folder structure with the config file and template “sub” projects all in the correct place and ready to invoke. No need to change any Jason files or rename anything.

Then you just follow the assignment instructions and change the template “sub” projects where advised to and invoke them from the frame work when advised to.

Hi @ColinCrabtree,

Thanks for the tip, I used your approach to create a new project. What I don’t follow is where the Dispatcher-UploadQueue is supposed to go. I created the sequence in a blank project:

Is this supposed to go in Main->General Business->Get Transaction Data->Retrieve Data?

The instructions refer to what the Dispatcher should do, but not where it goes.

Hi @joesparty - I gave up completely with this particular assignment WRT to where the dispatcher should go. In the proper use of the Framework, the way I explained above worked perfectly for the assignments to come, namely Client Security Hash and Upload Yearly report.

What I ended up doing for this assignment (whether right or wrong) was to create a new sequence called Dispatcher coded as the following and ran it separately to upload the items to the queue. I then coded the performer separately as well and ran that after.

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Hi… I have the same issue. I don’t know where the dispatcher goes. Did you get to know the fix ?

So, I added the entire sequence of Dispatcher in InitAllApplications - right at the start. It worked.