Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


So again i need to copy-paste complete REFramework files, and i have to do few changes in Config.xlsx file as they have mentioned in PDD.


yes, you can infact just unzip the file you downloaded from GitHub and then start from there.


yeah sure. If i get stuck, i ll get back to you :wink:


Alright :slight_smile:


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we need to invoke the UiDemo_Login workflow, import the arguments, and pass the Credential from the Config dictionary, as follows: in_Config(“UiDemoCredential”).ToString. Hi @nadim.warsi may i know where i need to edit in_Config(“UiDemoCredential”).ToString? and it is not showing any arguments while importing it.


in UiDemo_Login you have created 2 variables - username and password and 1 argument credential as an In type.

That will be used in the invoke when you will import the argument.
if you have missed this step then go ahead and do it.


I have created the same 3 variables in UiDemo_Login, but while invoking it in InitAllApplications , as it is not showing any variables in Import section @nadim.warsi


you have to create credentials as a argument. If you have done can you show me your variables and arguments pane screenshot?


may i know to which xaml?


your UiDemo_Login and your Init invoke arguments



And this is what error i am facing

here when i click on import >> it is completely empty


This is incorrect.
You have to create username and password as variables and
in_credential as a argument of in direction in the arguments tab(this is a separate tab next to variables tab)

In the invoke you must not create the arguments manually. It should be what you create in the workflow.
You just need to click on import and then do the binding/mapping


i have done with that. Uidemo_login is working fine, as it is taking credentials and logging in to the application. but still same problem in InitAllApplication.xaml as i shown above.


can you show me the open application activity? and the way you have passed the application path?



ok the issue is still in the invoke workflow.
Can you show me both the invoke and the arguments pane of your login flow?


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wrong :expressionless:
Why are you manually adding the out_username and out_password to the invoke.
Can you click on Import Argumnets button on the invoke activity. It should reove the other 2 and only keep Credential one. Map that how you have already done and then run again.