Outlook: The specified folder does not exist issue

Hi All,

As the title have stated, I have been running into this issue whenever I tried to run my Outlook sequence on my computer.

I have saw all the previous posts in this forum regarding this issue, and saw that many people are actually facing this issue as well. I tried almost everything that was suggested and sadly, none has worked for me up till now.

Could anyone help me understand what is actually the underlying issue behind this? and is this a problem on UiPath or Outlook itself?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


  • Provide more info . Are u getting this error when u r trying to move some mail to a specified folder in outlook.
  • If so try creating the folder manually before u try moving the mails to that specified folder using a bot.
  • If ur problem is different from wat i have addressed reply back with more info abt ur problem.

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Hey there,
I case your using singe outlook account please leave account property empty.
In case your using shared access then its necessary to fill above field.

PS: make sure to update the mail package which includes new features/bug fixes.

Hi ddpadil,

Thanks for your reply, i have tried both steps before and it doesn’t work.

My mail package version is 1.1.6562.21018.

Hi Raguvarthan,

Thanks for your reply, my process is pretty simple.

  • It’s just to trying to get mail from the “Inbox” folder.
  • But it always prompts a folder does not exist with whatever i put in the “Account” and “MailFolder” properties in “Get Outlook Mail Messages” Activities.

ok. It’s running on latest package version.
Can we have below detail please, so that QA team can simulate the same.

  • UiPath Studio version
  • Outlook version

I’m using on 1.1.6241.16119. works fine.

Try to add attached package and check . (please see add your own package section )

UiPath.Mail.Activities.1.1.6241.16119.nupkg (71.5 KB)

Ps: Hope your not talking about outlook web app.

okay sure!

My UiPath Studio version is running on the 2018.1.1 and my Outlook is running on the 2016 MSO (16.0.4266.1001) 64-bit version.

Ps: Hope your not talking about outlook web app.

I am using the one that is in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

Will try on my end to add the package.

Thank you!

I have tried the 1.1.6241.16119 version for the mail package, it gives me the same error as well. :frowning_face:

ok i’m not using 2018 and it’s hard to say it’s a bug.
Let QA team have a look . @Gabriel_Tatu
Does send/move outlook mail activity works fine ?

can try something like this : mailfolder= “yourmailid\Inbox”

does not matter what Studio version you use if you have the same package version.
there are no known issues when getting emails from an outlook account, so i suspect something related to that environment.
when the wf starts, do you see the outlook process started? it won`t be visible but you can monitor task manager


can try something like this : mailfolder= “yourmailid\Inbox”

I have tried this before too and it doesn’t work in my case :frowning:


Yes, i do see that the Outlook process starts and then stop when the error pops up.

what outlook version are you using? is it closed or opened?

Hi Gabriel,

Apologies for the late reply, my Outlook is running on the 2016 MSO (16.0.4266.1001) 64-bit version. I’ve tried running Outlook both closed and opened and unfortunately it doesn’t work!

What kind of account are you using? Gmail?

I am using Outlook!

Same problem here “The specified folder does not exist” Outlook 2007 and latest package. Have already tried all the possible solutions commented.

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Hope this will work for you. Looks some admin privileges issue

  1. Close the Outlook
  2. Open it using “Run as Administrator”
  3. Execute the program.

Let me know if it works for you. I was facing the same issue and it gave me the way to read outlook.


I guess it´s too late for you now, but might happen to other people in the future: I also had the same issue with Outlook, I checked all the forum topics, and nothing worked for my case.

In the end we had to uninstall and reinstall Outlook again, and the issue was fixed! We tried a newer version just in case, but it could be that it was a configuration problem, more than a version one, as my colleagues were using the same version and they had no problems with this activity.


Just put the exact account in the Account property in Get outlook mail messages activiy.