Having Problems Connecting my UIPath Studio to my Outlook

I followed the steps on the video and I keep on getting the same message, I followed similar problems on the forum and non of them seem to solve it for me. Could someone please help, it is seriously frustrating me
Message says ""get Outlook Mail Message : The specified folder does not exist

can you check the folder name in outlook and you given properties exactly matching or not

because the error shows the folder not exists

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The Folder is called Inbox. My apologies, i am very new to RPA

Hi @M_F

Mail folder starts with capital “Inbox”
Can you show the properties of Get Outlook Mail Messages activity

Thank you for helping me, it means alot.


In Filter property give like this

“[Subject]=‘Course Invoices’” and make sure your pc having outlook mail software

I have tried this and I get the same message.

Also I am using the free Outlook Software on my PC


Can you share your xaml

Could you please direct me please, I am finding it difficult to find.

Hi @M_F

Are you still getting the same error ?

I am still receiving the same message

Specified folder doesn’t exist ?? This error


Please find the below xaml for your refernce

BlankProcess9.zip (82.1 KB)

Hope this helps!!

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


In Filter property make sure to give like this

"[Subject] = 'Course Invoices'"

can you share the error what you are getting



Try to upgrade the UiPath.Mail.Activities package

How do I do this?
And thank you for being so patient and helpful with me.


Click on Manage Packages

I tried it, but it did not work for me.