Specified folder does not exist - Get outlook mail message


I have been facing issues with the get outlook mail messages activity. I went through a few topics in the forum and tried those steps like emptying the account field etc,and still facing the same issue. I tried this on two different machines both with a windows 10 platform and the outlook version 2016 and getting the same error on both the machines.
When I tried the same activity on a windows 7 operating system with outlook 2010 and it works perfectly fine. Please suggest if there are any other changes to be made to my flow

Which problems do you have? Are there any error-messages / exceptions? How does your workflow look like?

My flow just has get outlook mail message activity and a for each activity to iterate through and writeline the subject of every mail. When I run the flow, I get an error “The specified folder does not exist”.

@Aishwarya-R In the Get Otlook Mail Message Activity from the Account property remove your mail-id

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@indra I have removed the account property and tried…still getting the same error. The only fields I have filled in the Get Outlook Mail Message activity are
-mail folder(“Inbox”)
-Mail Messages (my variable name)
-Top (5)

@Aishwarya-R Try once close outlook and run as administrator and check


@indra Sure will try that

@indra No…still getting the same error

@Aishwarya-R Check with some other folders like “Sent Items” or “Drafts” etc

@Indra None of the folders are working…I have tried other folders too…The same thing works on a windows 7 machine (with outlook 2010) as mentioned.

Try with unchecked checkbox Mark as read option in get outlook mail message activity and select only one checkbox OnlyUnreadMessage then try (choose one of them at a time)
It will work.

Hi @ig250097

I tried with this option by checking only the OnlyUnreadMessage checkbox and still the same.
Also I found that when I copy the same workflow file to my temporary outlook folder (appdata) and run it from there it works fine perfectly…but when I run the same from local documents or desktop it throws this error message

The way that I resolved it is:

  1. Tried running the same on a different machine with an enterprise version and it was working fine, so it was something wrong with my machine
  2. Tried reinstalling UIPath and activating it, issue persisted
  3. Tried creating a subfolder under Inbox and changing the folder to Inbox\New_folder, worked on my colleague’s machine, not mine.
  4. Tried assigning my email address in the email option, didn’t work
  5. Unchecking the only unread emails option, didn’t work
  6. Reducing the top emails number/ Increasing it… didn’t work
  7. Suddenly i realized it could be the countless community activities other than UiPath that i had installed, so I un-installed them all, didn’t work
  8. Then finally i went for uninstalling and re-installing Microsoft Office
  9. Also, along with this issue, i was facing issue with Excel Application Scope as well, so that confirmed something was definitely wrong with Microsoft Office.

So yeah reinstalling Microsoft office worked for me. Let’s see if it does the trick for you.

This may not have been your issue, but for those who receive the “Specified folder does not exist” error, check your Account property in the Get Outlook Mail Message Activity - IT IS CASE SENSITIVE.


Thanks, it is working


I have had the same issue with the latest version of UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.5.1 it did not recognise the “Inbox” or any folders.

How I fixed the issue was to just downgrade the version to UiPath.Mail.Activities to 1.4.1 and then Upgraded it back to 1.5.1 and it seemed to re-register the dependencies for outlook.

It worked like a dream after that. Please try this before re-install Outlook or moving environments.

Good Luck


I am having the same issue “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist” upon use of Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 OS. Does anyone has a solution to this problem? Please reach out to me ASAP!! Thank you

Thank you, the solution worked for me when i remove my mail id on the property panel.

This was super annoying to find out that Account was case sensitive!
I have a couple shared inboxes as well and was using the full email address instead of the Account Name.

This answer really helped me! When I checked the name of the inbox folder in outlook, I realized that my outlook is in a different language (Dutch) than the language I am running Studio in (English). When I changed “Inbox” to “Postvak IN” the problem was resolved.