The specified folder doesn't exist | Get Outlook mail messages

Hello everyone,

After reading these topics :

I have the same issue, formy worlflow I can’t read my mail box because Uipath doesn’t find it !
I tried on a different mail box and it work, it’s only for this mail box I can’t and I don’t know why, I try all of the “solutions” above but no one is working for my use case.
So I recreater a topic if you have a new miracle solution ?

This is my worflow : OrganigrammeMailAuto.xaml (13.9 KB)


mention the subject withing single quotes
"[Subject] = ‘your subject’ "

Make sure the folder that you mentioned “Inbox” has any mail with this subject
and also they must be in unread state

Cheers @Ludo.F


I tried almost everything for the “MailFolder” (Inbox, Boîte de réception (cause it’s french), empty field, mailadress\Inbox…) but nothing work, that’s why I’m stuck.

The Filter or the checkbox doesn’t change the issue too…

Maybe you know something else @Palaniyappan ?

if possible can i have a view on your mail box tabs so that we could check how that mail box structure looks like, with a screenshot

Cheers @Ludo.F

Sure, here it is :

I think the problem can be cause of the menu “Mon fichier de données Outlook” because it’s like if we have two “Boîte de réception” but I don’t know how to delete the “Mon fichier de données Outlook”.

Thank you @Palaniyappan

hmm…we need to mention the folder like this
"Mon fichier de données Outlook\Boite de reception"

In fact I need the "\Boîte de réception".
And it’s not working if I put this in the “Account” field

No no
in Folder property mention this
"Mon fichier de données Outlook\Boite de reception"
and dont put anything in account property

My bad I want to write “MailFolder” field.
So I do it like you want and it’s not working too.
Either if I have an account in the “Account” property or not

is it showing any error or giving out no output
Cheers @Ludo.F

Error “The specified folder doesn’t exit” again… @Palaniyappan

you toLd you were able to other folders is it so
if so may i know that folder name and how it was mentioned

I can do it on other mail box, on a different interface, not in this mailbox. That was for telling the issue is just on this mail, not in other so it’s not really a problem with the UiPath robot.

Hi Ludo.

Try downgrading the mail package to a much lower version. That worked for us on some occasions.

Hi @MatthiasVG,
I already try this, the package was in the 1.4 version, I try to upgrading it at 1.6 and downgrading it at 1.3, none of these working, I doesn’t try all version because it seems the problem is not here

No, I did not find a solution. I created a folder on my drive to store the pdf, but eventually would like to be able to open a dedicated email folder. I have a suspicion there is a security setting in my email they may need to be changed.



Hello everyone,

I’m still in trouble with this issue, I try to change the structure of my mail account and the folder “Mon fichier de données Outlook” is gone but UiPath can’t find the specified folder again…

Hi! @Ludo.F Did you solve your problem? I am facing the same problem here. I will appreciate any input.


Same error here. Hmm, I wonder why this is a recurring error???

Did anyone found the solution for this? I have the same error and did everything. The workflow is working in my machine but having the same error in client’s machine any idea?

I did almost everything that was mentioned in posts