Outlook activity error : The specified folder does not exist



Hi there,

I am getting the error “Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist” on using “get outlook mail messages” activity.
Below are the property values I am using.


outlook version - 2016
uipath ver - 2018.1.4

Thanks in advance.


Can you try by specifying the full path for Mailfolder like “\email_Id\Inbox".

For eg: “\abc@outlook.com\Inbox”


where you able to resolve your issue? is outlook open?


Hi @Vinutha , even after passing the full path,its not working,giving the same error…Thanks


@beesheep yes outlook is open… its still giving error


Is the correct name, mine was giving me error because it was not inbox but, boîte de réception
Can you check ?


@beesheep yes the name is correct… its inbox for me


Ok let’s try this, if you have web mail access open and che the name, perhaps you also need to check the properties in outlook, also are you incluiding the email address and the pw for the account.?


Edit, check the name