The specified folder does not exist error in get outlook mail messages

hi there,

i’m getting the " the specified folder does not exist" error while using get outlook mail message activity

i’ve been using this activity since forever, but all of a sudden the error came today while testing a process.

i’m using outlook 365

i have seen a lot of solutions here but non of them sounds to be working for me , i even tried to completly un install outlook app and deleting all of it’s files from the registry and completely started a new fresh outlook installation.

however, my issue is still there and i can’t really figure out if the error is from the outlook app or from uipath itself.

any help would be appreciated , thanks all

@kamal_hamad Whether you have created a sub-folder in the main Inbox folder in the outlook?

@Manish540 i recently created this sub folder witha rule to move all the notifications from orchestrator to it

@kamal_hamad So If you are reading the emails from uipath folder then to outlook activity, inbox path should be provided as,

i don’t think this is the case here as i’m reading from the inbox folder itself

Can you send the screenshot of outlook get mail activity property panel? @kamal_hamad

So if you are reading the emails from the uipath subfolder then just change MailFolder property from “Inbox” to “Inbox\uipath” and check once whether you are getting any errors or not? And tick mark the OnlyUnreadMessages in the activity if you are reading unread emails from uipath folder @kamal_hamad

It worked for me if I have Outlook closed (after receiving all the messages), before I run the process in Studio.