Orchestrator Licensing issue when downgrading from Enterprise trial to community

I upgraded the Orchestrator to Enterprise Trial and now it has got expired. Now there are no services and when I try to add a new service, nothing is happening. Please see below images.

  1. Showing no services in the Orchestrator

  1. When you click on create new, the status does not change.

Hope some one can help me on this.



Hi @Kolitha_Gunarathne

Is this issue still present on your Automation Cloud account? If yes, please let us know.

Hi, I have the same problem, What can I do?? What did you do??

I have the same problem, Can you help me??

Hi @whurtado8703

Could you please navigate to Admin → Organization Settings and share your Support ID?

Hi, These is my support ID: 8563-1120-7500-1455
Thanks for answer me

@whurtado8703 Thank you. Given that the original topic is from another user, could you still provide a screenshot of your current situation in Automation Cloud?
With a short summary of the history of your tenants.

Hi, the two accounts are mine, because I had to created

another one, to be able to work at the moment. Here are the images

@whurtado07 @whurtado8703 Hi, I’m the engineer of UiPath and I would like to help with your issue. Before that, I have a question and would like you to help clarify.

  1. What is the current status of the tenant? You may click Admin button on the left side panel and then it will direct you to the page displaying all tenants you have. I’ve checked the

It say Enabled but I can’t do anything, even in UiPath Studio

Understood. Did you re-enable the tenant after your account was downgraded?

Hi, thanks for answered me, how can I do that??

Please try

Click the three dots button of the tenant → Click Disable tenant → After nearly 5 secs Click Enable tenant

Please share any error during the process. If everything is done successfully, you can go verify the functionality

I did what you said me but i still have the same problem, I can’t connect the Studio

Hi Junda, I have the same issue with @whurtado07. It has been 10 days since the license expired.

I’ve tried re-enable the tenant and reconnect to tenant from Uipath Studio, but it shows the same error as @whurtado07 shows.

Could you help me with this issue? Thank you.


Has your issue been solved? Could you share any solution to that? Thank you so much.


Hi, I don’t have any solution at the moment, and nobody give me one.

Thank you for getting back to me. I didn’t get any solution too. I registered a new account and started over. Hope someone could help us solve the problem.

You’re welcome!, I did the same. I hope so too. :v: