Problem with Orchestrator and Cloud Platform

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

i´m new with the tool, but i have a litle problem with then, i trying use the pro version of the trial but i can´t connect.

on image above, on the red circlet i tryed:
UiPath (Cloud Name)
UiPath (tenant)
UiPath (cloud/tenant)
UiPath (tenant/cloud)

but didn´t work!

Another point is the fact with when i try log in on the web have a lot off organization with i not created (was automatic or i don´t know how), follow above the print (in green is the valid one and in red is the issue)

Hi @douglas.flores
There was a similar thread just a day or two ago.

Maybe this is the same bug (for duplicate orchestrator creation).
As far as your license/provisioning is concerned, it’s probably a different issue. I can’t understand the language on screenshots, so can’t be of much help.
Have you copied the correct machine key from the orchestrator instance that you want to connect? Also, if possible, try using a different machine key (provision another machine on porch or use a machine template)

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Hi @douglas.flores

I believe this issue should no longer happen. If it does, please do let us know and we will look into it.