Switch back to cloud community orchestrator

I was using previously UiPath community orchestrator version (UiPath Automation cloud version https://cloud.uipath.com/) but when I downloaded UiPath enterprise studio, my community orchestrator version automatically got switched to enterprise orchestrator.

Now my uipath enterprise license is expired and I want to switch back to cloud community orchestrator again.

On orchestrator I can see my license is expired, but I can even log in into it but it is not allowing me to add new robots. (Add button (+ key) is in disabled, showing message as “Disabled due to insufficient permissions”)
see below image image

Due to this issue UiPath assistant is showing status as “Connected Unlicensed”.
see below image image

On my UiPath studio, it is showing Robot error.(see below image)


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I am already using community studio and it is working properly.
But when I am trying to connect with orchestrator, i am facing issues.
this is not useful.

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Hi @GurunathD
If you been turn your community edition into Enterprise trial and its expire now ?
You have to contact support then.

Previously it was automatically switch not now Its not work.

So you have contact support via below

Changing to CE from E trial, you should delete everything before installing in the same machine, so components dont get mixed versions…