Unable to migrate from Enterprise Trail license to community Edition license

Hi Team,

I am unable to migrate from enterprise trial to community edition .

My enterprise trail has expired

i want to switch from enterprise to community.
I can see the default tenant service but in my assistant, it says connected but unlicensed because its still treating my tenant service as enterprise which is now expried.

can some one guide here.

earlier on forum @Maneesha_de_silva suggested that it will automatically get converted to community but it is not happening.

Please help here.

I don’t you are able to do that. But I believe you can open a support ticket from the link below and describe what you are expecting to do:

hi @Denny_Morais,

that link is only for customer partners , i think not for community. I ma using my gmail acc to submit the issue , its asking for a valid vendor domain email id

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You may be right. Has you where using a trial, I thought it could apply. Sorry about that. There is something about that here:

Let me help you to connect with some Uipath staff for you

@Pablito @loginerror FYA required your help over here

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meanwhile try this …

Just uninstall studio and robot that you have installed , then download and reinstall the latest community version , then try connect with orchestrator
Remember : now the new user login as interactive signin , so make sure that to login using correct method

Feel free to contact our Automation Cloud support via this form:


Thanks @loginerror

i have shared my issue with the team


thanks @loginerror

Issue is now resolved. :slight_smile:


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