Open a Excel File with start process


I need your help again. I would like to open an Excel file so that it remains open.

I have tried with start process but I get an error message. I have checked the paths and they are all entered correctly.


error message:

can you give me a tip?

many thanks and greetings

I think path should not be given in arguments. Can you please check that. Do you want to open the two files and leave them open?

You can directly give the excel file path which you want to open. No need to give the path of the Excel application

I think in place of filename you are giving excel application Path, which is not required.

Hi @nina.wenner ,

Try to open inside Excel Application Scope.

First question - why do you want to open them and leave them open?

Anyway, if this is what you must do, use Excel Application Scope.

switch to moder activities, and use the use application/browser activity, select any excel open file and check the propertie “open” to always, and “close” to never, it will open the excel and take the correct paths from your excel


Please go through the below post

Hi @nina.wenner ,

The Start Process Activity isn’t exactly suitable for this particular scenario.
There are Activities that let you work with Excel, whether it be reading/writing formulas, or performing complex data manipulation.

Have you given the Workbook or Excel Activities a try?
The Excel Application Scope has a parameter which when enabled, makes the Excel File visible


I usually keep it disabled, so that it works in background and speeds things up.
Only problem with this is the Excel File will remain open until the program exists the Excel Application Scope.

But even then, if you were to find a way to keep the excel file open, what purpose does it serve?

You won’t be able to interact with it, unless you use UI Automation.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi, it works. Thank you very much for your support.

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