Open excel file


I would like to open an excel file in the excel application (Without using Open workbook, since it’s not going to be implemented anymore). Is there a way to do tat ?

I normally use the Read Range or Excel Scope, manipulate my datatable, then output the table back on the file.

However, if you are wanting to use another method, you can try the Start Process activity.
in the application field you put the full path of Microsoft Excel, and in the arguments you put the filename. It’s just like using command line so you’ll need quotes around the argument

For example,


I often use two activities on working with excel task i.e Excel Application Scope & Open Application,

in case of Excel Application Scope, there is property called “Visible”, If you check that it’ll open file while reading/writing workbook.

in case of Open Application, just do “Indicate window on screen”, that’ll take path up to xxx.exe file, path’ll be stored in “FileName” property.