Start Process

Hi Guys
i am trying to open an existing excel file with start process by copying the files path into the start process activity.
When i execute it, it opens the file and then immediately throws an error: Message: Application could not be opened. System.Exception

What am I doing wrong?
thanks for the help!

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You can use "excel application scope " activity for excel .


I know.
But that file needs to be updated. For that i have to click on a certain field in that file.
That is why i have to open that application

Ok nevermind.
When usind the visible action it opens the file automatically.
Is that what you meant?
Thanks for your time

Not sure what is the error, when I tried to open an excel with start process by giving the full path along with file name I am able to open the file.
Please upload the xaml file if possible.

Pavan H

HI @Robin112 ,

Put your file name inside double quotes & use full path of Excel exe in Start Process activity.

I was also encountering the same issue & it got solved by above method.