Can't open a file using Start Process activity


I am trying to open an excel file using the Start Process activity.

I have given the excel file location in File Path to open excel and in argument the path of the file to open as shown below.


When I run it, it opens the excel file, but getting the error message as shown below while trying to open the given file in the argument section.

Is there any mistake in argument passing ?


Specify the Excel file path under Filepath option and check once.

you can run both the filename and the arguments in the run window (Win+R) to confirm that your file paths are correct.


Sorry for the late reply.

I have given the excel app file path under the FileName and also confirmed the path using run window.

The excel file opens successfully, but for the file i gave in the arguments, i am getting the error message. Also confirmed the path of the this file in run window.