Select item from dropdown that disappears if on hovered on

Hi all,

Having trouble in indicating any item inside a dropdown on “” homepage.
Example: Click on PRODUCT > Click on STUDIO
Tried using Select activity and it says “This control does not support select item”
Is there any workaround??
Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Use this Workflow

Main (8).xaml (8.0 KB)

Note : Open The WebPage in IE



Thank you for your response. Working perfectly in IE but not in Chrome.
Is there a way to achieve this while recording?


Use A delay before Click on the Studio Option

@tanyakhandelwal I had deeply studied all the comments for your help. However, most of the solutions I tried myself did not work. I propose to you a little technical way of handling this type of dropdowns which only appear upon hovering.

Please follow the steps below at your environment and let me know if it worked.

  1. Select from the menu “Hover” activity

  2. Indicate the element inside your browser

  3. Create a variable for the Hover activity and name it like “selectedElement” and change the type to “UiPath.Core.UiElement”

  4. Below the Hover select a Click Text activity

  5. In the properties panel, give the variable in the Element box

  6. Write the text you want to choose from the dropdown in the text box of Click Text activity

  7. Drag a Close Tab activity at the end of the process

I hope this method will help a lot if not you… :grinning: