Element appear when hovering and need to click on that

How Can I Hover over some element and that element is appear only when I hover it, Then need to click on that element.

Please suggest me how can i get this ?


Can you try to press F6 when indicate element? Hoverable elements selection mode will be available.


Please note that this mode is in only Modern Design Experience and older UiAutomation package might not support it.



You can try the Hover activity. Then use click activity.



I did tried that but that not worked.

When should I get this Box ? I mean which activity I have to use to get this ?

Can try the Recorder. I have done this before just to get the selector in an activity then opened it in UiExplorer to check if its visible and improve the selector. Once that is done test with Simulate Click.

If that does not work then have to find another option like a NavigateTo activity maybe

I did tried but I don’t know if I am mistaking somewhere or what. Can you just Send me Screenshot or explain me so I can try that way.



The above F6 is for obtain selector. If Hover activity doesn’t work, can you try to change input method to Hardware Event, for now? Probably mouse pointer will move onto the element.


But Which activity should I use ?
I am able to hover it but right after that not able to click it.


Can you try to use Click activity? Probably it’s necessary the above F6 mode to grab the selector.


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