Unable to Hover on the element using mouse hover activity

Hi All,

I am facing the issue while using the mouse hover activity. Elements are not been populated when I use mouse hover activity. Manually it works perfectly, but while doing using UiPath activity facing the issue. can anyone help me to trace out the issue?

UiPath_Issue.zip (24.0 KB)



Try following:-

  1. Use Attach Window activity, and put hover activity inside it.
  2. OR Put delays
  3. OR use the recording


Actually its a web application so I can’t use the Attach Window activity. I tried to use recording + delays still it did not worked.

I tried with the Hover activity instead of recording its working now. But now, is there any way to get those all the values shown in the sub menu into variable?

Hi @ChaitanyaPanvalkar
is select item or get attribute is working for you ?

Ashwin S