Not able to generate SAP selectors

Hi ,
I have enabled gui scripting, but still selectors are not generating properly as expected

Uiautomation packages are updated,

Not only login many portions are not getting detected properly

Could anyone please help


Hi @Kavya_Mahadevan

In SAP S/4 Hana there is an option to restrict the SAP GUI scripting at User Id / Robot Id level.

sapgui/user_scripting_per_user (decide whether SAP GUI Scripting is permitted based on an authorization object S_SCR assigned to users)

So sometimes even when you enabled the SAP GUI Scripting in SAP Configuration window. it will not work.

You can check if your user id/robot id has scripting access or not by performing ‘Script Recording and Playback’

If this ‘Script Recording and Playback’ option is disabled, then your user id/robot id don’t have the access.

SAP GUI Scripting access enabled screenshot:




When recording is in progress, we can see this indicator at the bottom of the screen.


SAP GUI Scripting access disabled screenshot:


If it is access issue then contact your SAP IT team to assign S_SCR Authorization object to user id/robot id

The problem can be solved by setting the rights to run SAP GUI Scripting per user. The new profile parameter sapgui/user_scripting_per_user allows the administrator then to enable SAP GUI Scripting support for specific users.


Hello @Kavya_Mahadevan

You need to enable SAP GUI scripting. Can check the below post.


HI @Kavya_Mahadevan

Sorry late response. Here is the exact answer

Best regards, Lev