Type into error: The UI element is invalid. Make sure the target application is open and the element is on the screen

Hi, everyone
I have a problem about ‘type into’ in a sap app.
I use activity ‘use application’+ ‘type into’ ,studio enterprise .

At the beginning, UiPath could recognize the input box in the sap system and input information normally; but when I turned off the computer and restarted it, I couldn’t input the string into the correct text box.
The specific phenomenon is that when performing input, it can be seen from the focus of the mouse and the screen that the click before typing attribute is in effect and the text box is clicked correctly, but then UiPath selected another text box’s title, and then the text information is input into the Wrong textbox.
I guess it could be the cpmputer local language made,but I remove all other language unless English. It does not change anythings.

At the afternoon,I found the type into has two selector(strict selector / fuzzy selector)
for these properties, is there any introduction?for the activity ‘type into’ in the enterprise studio.Acturly, I alwys use the community studio.

Hi @maxzz
To resolve this, try updating the selector of the text box in UiPath Studio to accurately match the current UI structure. If that doesn’t work, you can also try using image recognition to identify the correct text box before inputting the information.

You could also use delay activity before type into activity.


Please check the selector that you are using if it is corrct or not…

And also if you are using click before check if the control is changing if not include a click activity separately before type into and then use type into


Hi, friends
For this problem, I found two solution. First one is just check the ‘strict selector’ property and valid this selector.
And then the ‘fuzzy selector’ and the ‘strict selector’ will be different.

Another one is just choosing ‘NClickMode.None’ on ‘click before typing’ property.
But this way the ‘fuzzy selector’ and the ‘strict selector’ will be same.

But this way can not give me a reason why in the morning I can execute my project but in the afternoon can not which just restart the computer.
Can anybody tell me why?

I had checked the selector, and changed it. Now it is ok. But one thing I do not understand is why the sequence can run without any error but can not after restart computer. I am sure that the selector do not have any randomly generated string. And another thing is after restart the computer, the UiPath studio can not point out where the correct controls are, but it’s ok at the very beginning.


After restart check if the sap scripting is getting disabled…

Ideally the selector must be changing …please check for any dynamic components…

And re indicate and compare the selectors


As your said , it worked normally after changed the property ‘click before typing’ to ‘none’.
But, why? I do not understand.
And, when I found it reports error, the UiPath studio could not indicate the right site of the ui element. The selected range is always in the attachment of the corresponding text box instead of the entire text box.

But at the beginning it was ok.

Sorry,it was:
The selected range is always near the corresponding text box instead of the entire text box

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I do no know or use the sap scripting.
And I have checked the selector, it’s not dynamic.


There are few settings you have to do for UiPath to work properly with sap


Hi @maxzz

I have faced similar issues on two occasions.

  1. When SAP theme got changed to new one → I have changed the theme back to old one.
  2. When SAP version got updated to GUI 7.70 → Upgraded some of the selector

could you please check the sap settings and version no

Hi, John
The SAP GUI version is 770 as I can see, and I have checked the sap script setting, it is enable. So, how should I do ?

Hi, Anil
I have checked the sap client script setting, it is enable. And I can not set the server script option.


Can you confirm if this behaviour is only on sap?

Are the desktop zoom settings changed?


Hi, Anil
I have tested Excel app and IE browser. Both of them are ok.
On sap, UiPath can indicate right site of the tool bar, but can not indicate the detail info area.
And i do not know how to check the zoom %.


Are keystrokes or anything possible?

Is it not able to identify the elemnets as well?


Hi @maxzz

Could you please check the below posts. these solution may for work.

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