Studio does not correctly identify Selectors in SAP

Hello everybody,

I’m at an impasse to locate some selectors in sap. I’ve already activated the Sap GuiScripting option, and even so some selectors I can’t find as shown in the image below, does anyone have the solution??


Can you please restart both SAP and UiPath applications and check it once.

I have already performed this procedure but without success


I automated similar kind of SAP screens in one of the process and its work fine for me.

Can you please share screenshot of GUI Script enabling.

Hi @Israel_Silva

Open UiExplorer, and try both options (Active Accessibility and UiAutomation) then click on Indicate element to see if it makes any difference:

Let us know


Hello Israel,
is the item Script Recording and Playback… in the SAP GUI settings and options menu (Ctrl + Alt + F12) active? If yes and you press on it, then opens the Record and Playback dialog? If yes, can you record and playback a script? If this works, your SAP GUI Scripting is set up and configured correctly. Let us know your resutls.
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When using SAP WinGUI automation, the best and the only right option is to use Default Identification framework/mode, this allows stable and reliable automation.

AA (Active Accessibility) and UIA (Microsoft UI Automation) are not so suitable for SAP WinGUI.

Best regards, Lev

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