Monthly Report Save AS - works in "step into" mode but not when "running"

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I have a click activity to select the drop down on “save” button for monthly reports to bring up the drop down list (“save”, “save as”). I then have another click activity to select the “save as” button. This all works when I am debugging using the step into function.

But when I just run the WF the click for the “save” drop down does not do the drop down and the next “save as” click obviously fails due to not finding the “save as” element.


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@ColinCrabtree delete those click activities and again create with those click activities.i wouldn’t say it perfectly but let’s give a try once like my case actually i used recording with those click activities it works for me.

While you use click activity to click “indicate element” in No.1 , you should press F2 first for delaying it then click No.2, and when delay time is end click “Save as” No.3 follow this picture.

@Joysogood - this is the message I get:

I did as you said using f2:

selector looks like this:

can you show me more detail of your process?
you capture only that I don’t know the activity before
so you can see mine and follow

U can use element exist for save as after click on save dropdown
If save as exist then click on that if not Again click on save
Check nd let me know is it working for You or not

@Joysogood - if I execute the work flow using the following “Step into” method and step through each activity it works perfectly as you have defined it:


My activities just before the save as are as follows:


this produces the following results:

I then do this activity to determine if a report exists:

after the report is confirmed as found it does these 2 activities:


I tried removing the click ‘drop down’ one and tried and it still does not work

Try to use it separately by using Click, Element Exist nd again click in attach browser for testing

wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=‘IEFrame’ title=‘ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report - Internet Exp*’ /><ctrl role=‘drop down button’ / >
selectors for save as:
< wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=’#32768’ /><ctrl automationid=‘53409’ / >

No worries
–for the click activity with Save drop down button, enable the property Simulate Click in the property panel
–the reason is this popup will be down to the screen so the bot may not be able to identify this element, but with simulate click it can

for more details on this topic

Hope this would help you
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @ColinCrabtree

@Palaniyappan - simulate click is already on.

hmm…ok then it should be a selector issue
no worries did that example attached were helpful
or kindly let us know with issue been faced
we are almost done,
Cheers @ColinCrabtree

@Palaniyappan - it cant be a selector issue as the WF works perfectly if I execute it in the “step into” method and step into each activity. It goes right through all the steps and brings up the save as dialog

Ok…But after that…with the click activity that clicks on drop down button
we need to validate once that selector
Cheers @ColinCrabtree

@Palaniyappan - I think the selector is valid. When running it does not activate the drop down list

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When you run robot click drop-down list, it’s not been clicked , right?
So, you can indicate then highlight it. And edit selector again.

Kindly place these activites inside a ATTACH BROWSER activity and try once
i had a scenario similar to this past some time before, and i remember i was using attach browser and it got resolved as well
hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarfication
Cheers @ColinCrabtree

@ColinCrabtree Inside the Open Browser attach the window that pops up at the bottom first and then do a Click using Simulate click enabled. Even I had this kind of issue was able to resolve in this way.

@Palaniyappan - Nope ! did not work - same result