Assignment 2: Performer


I am currently working on Assignment 2: Yearly report - Performer. I am facing below issues:

  1. The save as option that we click while downloading monthly reports works sometimes while other times it doesn.t. For the 1st transaction it works and then without closing the browser the automation works on 2nd transaction; so here save as doesn’t work. Throws error and closes the browser and reopens the same and starts with 3rd transaction. Now again save as works, but again after this 4th one is opened without closing the browser so this one doesn’t work and closes the browser and reopens. This continues for all transactions.
  2. After the Yearly report is uploaded and upload button is clicked (in the first transaction itself) the performance becomes dead slow for all the activities from thereafter.

Please let me know if further details are needed, thank you.

Please change Wait for Ready property of Month and Year click activities from Interactive to None.
Then your process will be much faster.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks Karthik, the speed improved but the save as option still don’t work for 2nd, 4th, 6th… transaction… any suggestions?? Attached is create yearly report workflow…

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (36.3 KB)

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Monthly report doesn’t exists for each month.
So you should handle the both - save the file when exists, when do not exist continue with the next month (click ok for pop-up).


It does exist, if you check the file I attached previously I have used 2 if statements for two different types of pop ups when file doesn’t exist. or else the file is saved. Please let me know if you have any qieries, thanks.

no experts to resolve this???

alright, so I resolved it myself.
Since the problem was from 2nd transaction. I simply closed the browser at the end of the process. this way once the transaction is completed it closes the browser but there is an error there after but it opens browser again with next transaction and it keeps on repeating until all transactions are completed. I was able to complete this, thanks.

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