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Hi guys,

I am currently doing Generate Yearly report assignment in Advance developer training.

I am facing issue in Create Yearly report section where we Download and save Monthly report. We need to “Save as” but i am not able to select “Save As” once i click on Dropdown in download pop-up

Can someone pls help me i have spent almost entire day doing everything to get the solution for this.

Try using send hot key activity!!

attach to the right window and get your selectors right.

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use element exist on that download pop-up -> then use click to the save as button.

Try using delay and tune selector it will works. :wink:

Hi @Harshad_Jadhav,

You can use send hot key activities after you click on download report

After you get the above screen follow the below steps

  1. Use Alt+n
    The above step will get the cursor on open button.
  2. Use tab
  3. Now the cursor is on save button
  4. Use down to get the options under save as
  5. Use send hot key a which will open the save as window, now you can save the file.

Refer the below workflow for your reference.

Testing.xaml (22.5 KB)

Thanks Guys for quick response.

I tried using Hotkeys but was not able to get through however i did with “Attach window” actvity and was able to click on"Save as" button.

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