Not able to get 'Save as ' selector in assignment 2

I am not able to write selector for 'save as ’ button to save monthly reports in assignment 2.

Can any one please help on this.

For many post i found below selector.

i have tried to make same selector using ‘UI explorer’ but no luck.from the below selector how can i get ‘save as’ selector.

Thank you.

Hi @prasanna.Ui,

Were you able to solve this issue ?

You can use a Click activity and point the indicator on the ‘Save As’ button. Worked for me. Just don’t forget to uncheck the SimulateClick option and WaitForReady = None.

Thank you very much for reply.

No Still i am facing same issue.
I tried to copy below edit selector but validation showing in red color.

I tried to indicate ‘save as’ button but when coming back to studio to indicate ‘save as’ button save button drop down is closing.
i dnt have exact idea how indicate that ‘save as’ button from ‘save’ drop down.

Can you please help me on this.


In order to select ‘Save as’ button from Save drop down, under click activity—> Go to ‘Indicate on Screen’. Then before indicating the ‘Save As’, you need to press F2 (it will turn off the selection mode for 3 seconds), click on ‘Save As’ from save drop down during this time, and when selection mode turns on, indicate ‘Save As’ button for the click activity.


Hi Divyojyothi,
Thanks a lot ,you saved my day.
I was struggling since 2 days on the same it got resolved
great help.

I have another issue with below popup. can you please help on this.

In the process of downloading monthly reports we will get this popup message when we dnt have report for the particular month.
Here i am able to click on ‘Ok’ button for the first time.
But when i am getting same popup continuously like January and February
I can successfully click on 'OK’button for January month but when it comes for February i am not able to click.
Note :It happening only when continue months dnt have reports.
I have provided delay also in between no luck.

Thank you.


You will see 2 kinds of pop up coming up here, one of the pop up is ‘No report found…’ pop up, another kind of pop up with a check box (“Don’t let this page create more messages”) comes up as shown below.


So, you need to have 2 Element exists activity for these 2 kind of pop ups, and check the outputs of these element exists activity under IF condition as below:

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Great help Divyojyothi.
Thank you.I found issue and resolved.

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