Unable to click save in window while downloading monthly reports(uipath level3 assignment2)

In download monthly reports in month field January is selecting multiple times without clicking save button in window for first download i.e January.Can anyone guide how to solve this?

Little more details required here.

You say save as is not working?
Or the loop repeats for January?

loop repeats for January in application & at the same for first month download save window is not closing.

can u tell to select all months what screen should i select & selector for that activity?

I think your save is not working.
Can you show what your xaml looks like?


So the issue is here


You have to edit your selector to make it dynamically take months
Like below:

Yes tried in that way also
I have given selector as
Now it’s working.But save button is not clicking for every month.
Can you guide how to click save in save as window for chrome frame?

In Chrome do you get a save as option?
Im not sure it asks for that. It just saves in the default download location set in settings.

Hi.Please find the screenshot how the save as window looks like.


In this window save is not clicking.

Nice :slight_smile:

Can you show me the selector of this save button that you have?

selector for save window-


Now i am trying by changing in chrome settings for downloads i.e to automatic download

Can you try after removing the ‘aaname’ attribute?

yes it’s not working

So this is working for you? direct download?

Ya it is downloading but now for some taxid’s,no reports found is there.For that web popups,ok is not clickable.

That a JS pop-up.
For that you can use anchor


Ok.Thanks.Now it’s working.

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For every month, report is downloading twice.Can u guide what’s the issue?

Have you repeated any activities for download?
Is your loop configured correctly?

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