Log message property

I need to get the value “fileName” from Log Message object. Is there a way how to access it?
Here is the printscreen of the Log message activity details.
Also being able to get values like machineId and robotName would help me.

you can try with string split

strLogFileOutput.Split({Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.None)

Thank you, but I am not able to get and manipulate this value, I can only see it in Studion interface when I double click the message detail in output window.

Hi @esterba,

Goto UiPath Log Folder -->Read the filename with CurrentDate_Excetion.txt & get the FileName , machineId and robotName from File.

Thank you,

This will work, but seems like a workaround for something that I would expect to comes right in the studio somehow. Maybe by getting some environmental variable or something.

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Hey @esterba,

Check out the Shared Link -

Thank for the reply, but still you integrate with a file in a folder this way and I was looking more for accessing the log file object.