How to get current or parent xaml file name in Studio and Runtime?

Hi everyone!
First time posting so I hope this is not the wrong section. If so, just let me know.

Could you please tell me if there is a way to get the current xaml filename in Studio or Runtime? It’s a requierment regarding a customized log component we are developing for a client. So far, there is no way to recover data from the log message activities. So, we are trying to map them manually and then register them in the additional Database.

I have searched a lot about this but no luck :frowning:

Thank you!

Hi @GagandeepSingh,
What about just put “Log Message” activity at the beginning of each xaml and write inside related xaml name? Then each time the xaml will start it will log it’s name in orchestrator.

Hi @Pablito Thank you for you answer. However, the requierment is that the componenet would have to get the currect filename and register it into this aditional Database.

Isn’t there a way to do this with some advanced VB.Net or C# code?

It’s rather something what needs to be customized to be honest.