Filename property in "Log Message" activity to generate Log files w.r.t to Usecase

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It is good to have a Filename as input property for “Log Message” activity to cusotmize the log & file path and to use the Log Message property along with Level (info/error/warn)…
at present - Log Message will log messages in “AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs” .

Hi @pradeepkintali

Could you elaborate? As far as I’m aware, you can edit the output folder for the logs in the Nlog.config file, see here:

This requires a restart of the Robot service.

Could you elaborate a bit?

Hello @loginerror,

yes, we can change “NLog.config” for log file path and name but again it will be one log file for all usecases

In case if we want to generate different log files w.r.t usecases hope it is not possible. if in case in “Log Message” activity itself if we have input property for " Log File name" we can create lof file w.r.t to usecase. if it is blank then logs will be generated as per NLog.config.

Hi @pradeepkintali

I think this request is similar to this request here:

I am not sure if it is supported right now, but you should feel free to test a bit if you like to.
Let me research a bit :slight_smile: I think @andreiT might have some insights as well.

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Hi @loginerror,

No it is not ! , he is saying/ trying to Log either that bot is Attended or Unattended. that is also good one but it again it reflects to ALL bots.

but here what i’m suggesting is to have “Log file name” input property in ‘Log Message’ activity.
Adavntages :- we can “Create a seperate / individual Log file for each usecase”.
So that we can clearly have the log file w.r.t to usecase.

@loginerror - am i elaborated the information on this.

Hi @pradeepkintali
It feels like in this case, you should simply write/append your log to the file using the Write Text File or Append Line activities.

Hi @loginerror, @Maciej,

At present i’m managing like that only.and i would suggest to consider this idea to have a Log file name property as optional in existing “Log Message” activity so that we can use the “Log Message” activity more precisely. if any one explicitly provide the file name then the respective message will save in resepective file else log message will save in default log file.

I would like to hear your opinion or view on this either it is considerable to implement or not.

Thanks in advance…

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