Log Message acitivity

I have a store sequence where i have stored 4 variables so that it can get the data from queue
One of them is Productcode=queueitem.SpecificContent(“Product Code”).ToString

I want to know whether the value is stored in variable or not .
So i use Log Message activity with level as info
and message as (“ProductCode”+“Quantity”+“UnitPrice”+“CostCentre”).ToString

so that it displays all the value . I am not sure as this is not working .
Could anyone please let me know if I am using the correct syntax for Log message activity .

Thank you

According to my understanding, As you ProductCode has been already converted to string, while logging you don’t need to specifically again mention it to .toString. In Log message activity you can directly type ProductCode+Quantity+UnitPrice+CostCentre which prints the value stored in these variables.
If you use (“ProductCode”+“Quantity”+“UnitPrice”+“CostCentre”).ToString it just print the name you mentioned in double quotes.


If ProductCode,Quantity, UnitPrice and CostCentre are variables, then you don’t have to put them inside double quotes.

Thank you for the reply . I used that in the message box. But the value is not displaying . 1 to 3.xaml (11.4 KB)
4.xaml (14.9 KB)

I have attached the workflow where in 4.xaml, I have used the Log message acitivity . I am invoking the 4.xaml file in 1-3.xaml file .
I want to know whether the data is being pulled from the queue .
Could anyone of you help me out here


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Ok the issue was just some messed up variables and arguments that you had with the same name
So here is what you have after i tested:




and xamls 4.xaml (14.2 KB)
1 to 3.xaml (11.2 KB)

Thank you Nadim . That was exactly what i was looking for . I am not able to see any changes in the xaml file and in there is an error in the file “1 to 3.xaml” when i open it here .

Is there anything that I am missing here .

What version are you on of studio?
And what is the error you get?

Uipath 2018
Studio 2018.2.4
Enterprise Edition

Attached screen shot of the error

Thank you

can you just try and re-type the right side? :slight_smile:
It will go away

Thank you . I added same 4 argument same as 4 variables under store sequence and it worked as per your screen shot

Thanks everyone for all your help. :smile:

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Great ! :slight_smile:

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