How to extract all the log messages from a project folder from all .xaml files. If there is a way, it may help us determine the quality of log messages and can improve where needed

Is there a utility that can help us extract all the log messages even if they are covered or not during execution.

You can download “Robot Specific” logs in Orchestractor as in screenshot

Robts — View Logs

I don’t want logs from execution. I want log messages that are in code.

Hello @GSR you can use the logic that I applied to get the selector from xaml file. But you will need to modify it according to your need.

ExtractSelectorFromXaml.xaml (8.6 KB)

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Thank you @AkshaySandhu , I will try and let you know the outcome

@AkshaySandhu , I was able to modify the RegEx per my need and was able to get what I wanted.Thanks a ton for your help

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