Get Log Field data

Does anyone know, if it’s possible, how to retrieve the value of a log field?

What I actually want is to send values form a child workflow to it’s parent, when an exception occurs in the child without using a try catch with no rethrow.

I was thinknig maybe a solution could be publish a log field with the data I want, and then in the parent do something like: var1 = Log.Fields("FieldName").ToString. But i got stick

Hi @nerlichman
you can do it based on read config file concept

Ashwin S

You mean reading the log file, or writing the values to a file before the re-throw and then reading the file to get the values?

If it’s the latter, that is my last resort and I’m trying to avoid it. I think I remember reading that returning output arguments when exception occurs was a limitation imposed by Windows Workflow Foundation.
So the only way I thought it might be possible to send values to the parent without having to write/read a file, was through the logs.