Loading asset UiDemoPath failed: Orchestrator information is not available

I am doing the UiDemo when I run, i get the following error: Loading asset UiDemoPath failed: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.

But the UiPath Robot Service is running.

Can someone explain and help with this error?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fer,

You are running this UiRobot which is available below the UiPath Studio?


I am using the orchestrator provided for Level3 Avanced Training

Is your robot connected with the Orchestrator?

and also check the Config excel file to make sure you havae provided the exact same names of the assets in orchestrator… Slight difference will cause an error…

@Lahiru.Fernando, the names are equal. However, I can’t connect the robot to the orchestrator

These links might be helpful in connecting the robot to orchestrator…

Check whether you have done it as mentioned…

@Lahiru.Fernando, I had followed that link. However, for me I have to fill the robot key field. Where can I find it in the orchestrator?

I believe you are referring to the machine key field.

In orchestrator, you can find it under Machines…
Go to machines where you have your machine… click on detail and you will find it there… :slight_smile:


This is what I have


@Lahiru.Fernando, I have almost everything equal except the Machine Key field, that I have Robot Key.

you can get the machine key from the Orchestrator → Machines → your Machine Details.

Does it ask for a Robot key as well?

It just ask for the Robot key. The only field related to a machine is the Machine Name which I also add it in the Orchestrator

can you share a screenshot of the robot settings on your local robot?

Here it is:


Robot key is actually the machine key. You can add the machine key there…

You can find the machine key in orchestrator, under machine details…

i get this error


It looks like a network issue…

Are you using any proxy? that may be blocking you from connecting… There are many cases like that…