Robot-Orchestrator connection: Error (407) Proxy Authentication Required

Hello all,

I am currently studying the “2018.2 Orchestrator Training” for UiPath. While trying to connect the local robot (on my pc) to Orchestrator (tried both with and, I am encountering the error: “The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.”

I already tried the solutions proposed in Error 407 Proxy Authentication Required on UiPath Robot but with no success.

Has anyone experience in how to fix this error, or some insights on what could cause it?

Robot version: 2018.2.3
Orchestrator version: Orchestrator Community 2018.2.3

Thank you very much!

Hi @pbianchini

Please find more info here (without any direct solution though):

and here

It might provide you some insight into the issue and hopefully let you find the way to resolve it.

@pbianchini, how did you solve?

Hi. I managed to have the connection work by changing the network. Probably the problem was due to the configuration of the network of my organization.


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