Orchestrator 2018.4 unable to connect to UiPath Robot


I provided all the options required in UiPath Orchestrator for creating Environment, Robot and machines while providing the same key generated in Machine to Robot it’s unable to connect showing error message as Robot Unavailable. I connected Robot to the machine as well but still unable to pursue the issue. Can anyone please help me out in this issue. Attached screenshots for reference

Thanks in advance…!


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Hi Abhinay,

Please refer and confirm if all the steps are done from the below docs on HowTo connect robots to Orchestrator:

Note: Check your username (type whoami in cmd to get this). Refer the existing threads in the forum to get a detailed idea about this.

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Hello Dominic,

Thanks for the quick response i have done it so exactly and more ever this is not my first time to configure Robot to orchestrator i have done it for more than 15 bots in my project but seriously couldn’t understand what went wrong here.

I will provide you few more screenshots for more reference. seriously i was breaking my head to resolve this for the past 10 days please help me out in this issue.


Please check the screenshots if i committed anything wrong and Installed version is showing as Unknown in the machines tab even after robot is connected to a machine.


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Can you please check with the name??
It will not be like desktop/administrator
This should be same as what you see when you logging in to machine and try with \ instead of /…

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yes i checked my username and found a letter missing caused this error in connecting machine key with the robot service. Now everything solved thanks to everyone for your help.

Happy Automation:)


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