Connect robot to Orchestrator


Hi @ovi i created the two robot in my orchestrator that’s a maximum limit for me

one is my system and another one is my friend system

1st connected my system and i have connected here see below :
and i schedule the certain task in that tooo.

After that i need to connect my 2nd system it is possible ?
or i need to disconnect my 1st system and then only i can able to connect the 2nd system ?

why because in 2nd system Robot key were i can put and i need to create Can you able to help ?


Which license is suitable for my process scenario?
UI PATH service is not started

Hi @RaviDevaraj,
You can able to connect the 2 robot simultaneously . to configure the robot follow the below link


Hi @RaviDevaraj,
I continue the conversation as ur msg. I expecting that you have to check the below steps

  1. User Name . If you don’t have the domain name ,
    Just give the username and password for your windows login. (Even try this if u have the domain)


  1. Check the firewall port.
  1. Try run the robot.exe RunAsadministrator.



were it will be ?

what you are trying to say i just cannot understand ?

now i need to create the 2nd robot and and i need to be as available
For that what i need to do ?

i have done so far ?
1)Created the 2nd robot and new environment too
2)Then i execute the uirobot.exe
3) After that i go and check the uipath icon below image in that my 1st system details only available ?

there i need to give my 2nd machine name and robot key values and then i need to hit an connect button then only my second robot is alive knows ?

so at the time what about the 1st robot ?


Check the link for the port



Hi @balupad14

In CMD i comment that through an error

Can you Please Guide me for the Second robot to alive
And After that i need to be both Robot be in “Available”

My question is this ?


Hi @RaviDevaraj

Type the cmd as cd c:\windows\system32 and press enter . it should like this




i have given those commands and execute see the below image :
As like you Same only coming for me @balupad14



give the command netstart -an



Throes an ERROR ???



Hi @RaviDevaraj,
Is this personal computer or Official ?



Hi @RaviDevaraj,
Check this



Hi @RaviDevaraj,
Again if you have the problem . I forward this to @ovi and @badita,



it is office
1st Pic :

2nd pic below:

3rd Pic below :

see the images port is there then how to solve the issues ?


Hi @balupad14

we can able to find the solution for these ?
Need to ask help with @ovi and @badita

Hi @ovi and @badita
Can you able to help me those issues i am facing here ?


I am facing this problem while connecting robot with Orchestrator. Can anyone tell me why I am again and again landing on this problem?



choose robot type -> dev


Hello @badita
This time I chose robot type as dev but now I am getting an error while I am running the automation in studio. It says the "a robot with user name ‘XYZ(or whatever)’ is not defined in Orchestrator.